• SCO 436/26, Majitha Road Bypass, Opp. Govt. MB Polytechnical College, Amritsar

M/s Akashdeep Hospital, Amritsar has a fully fledged state-of-the-art Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation department. The aim of the department is to provide quality of care to improve the quality of life.

The department is the strength of the allied services at M/s Akashdeep Hospital, Amritsar. The team of physiotherapists is geared towards patient care and rehabilitation. It supports the present functioning super specialities of the institute and mainly has the following divisions:

* Orthopaedics Physiotherapy

* Neuro Physiotherapy

* Cardio- Pulmonary Physiotherapy

Our Rehabilitation programmes at M/s Akashdeep Hospital, Amritsar aim at:

* Rebuilding patient’s skills and confidence in doing everyday activities.

* Teaching new skills to help patients manage themselves at home, independently.

* Keeping patients healthy, out of the hospital, unless it is really is the right choice for you.

* The rehabilitation team works with you to ensure that your need for privacy, dignity and confidentiality are met to the best of our ability.

Trained physiotherapists and rehabilitation experts in the department design programmes for speedy recovery, health and wellness to the individual needs. They also deal with problems ranging from sports & trauma injuries, arthritis management, posture correction, frozen shoulder management and low back pain to serious neurological injuries such as spinal cord injury or brain injury. Our team is dedicated to help patients to gradually improve by reducing pain, increase flexibility and mobility.